Islamic Studies For Kids Full Course

Course overview

Islamic Studies for Kids is a comprehensive Islamic course for students from grades 1 to 12. It was designed to give your child a strong Islamic foundation and instill a love for Islam in your child’s heart. Your child will learn step by step about the 5 Pillars of Islam, Islamic lessons from prophets’ stories, Islamic virtues and morals, and more.

“Masha’Allah my child enjoyed his Islamic lesson with brother Jabir, the lessons are very informative yet friendly for my 8-year-old kid, he started learning prayers and now he can pray alhamdulillah. We’ve tried some other teachers before, but I think kids are happier with him.” – Sarah

khairu kum man
AGE 4-15

What you will learn

  • The basics of Islam including the five pillars in detail
  • How to pray correctly, acts of worship, daily supplications (Dua’), and Dhikr
  • The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and his noble qualities.
  • Stories of the prophets’ life and lessons from his Sunnah
  • Muslim good manners and noble characteristics
  • Lessons from historical stories about messengers in the Quran
  • Memorize short Surahs from the Quran
  • Understand the meanings of some Quranic Surahs

Course Features

Course fee


8 Classes in a Month

4 Days Classes in Week

16 Classes in a month

5 Days classes in a Week

20 Classes in Month


This Islamic Studies Grade 1-12 Course was developed to cover all aspects of Islamic Studies including Islamic creed (Tawheed), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Tafseer (Quranic Interpretation), Hadith (The Prophet’s Sunnah), Seerah (The Prophet Mohamed’s biography), and daily Islamic etiquette related to different life situations.

Online Islamic Classes

Our online Islamic Studies for Kids course was designed to allow students to learn Islamic Studies for Kids online at an appropriate pace that suits their needs at their current learning level. We understand the need for an online Islamic curriculum where your kids get guidance from our Islamic teachers for effectively completing the courses, especially as all education worldwide is rapidly moving online.

Learn Islamic Studies for Kids

According to studies and also proven by experience, children can memorize and retain new information easier and much faster at a younger age. Therefore, we recommend starting your child’s Islamic education at an early age, our online Islamic classes for kids will help your child learn the fundamentals of the Deen and Islam, grow their Islamic knowledge, and develop mentally and spiritually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get started in this course, click on enroll to start a Free Trial, you will be taken to see a registration form. Complete the form and submit it to us. We will send you information regarding setup and you will be able to meet our teachers through Zoom for one-to-one online classes of Quran learning. After completion of the trial class, you will need to pay the fee of that course for taking further online classes.
HQ Tutor offers you a discount on the admission of multiple students. Get connected with us to learn more about our discount policies and your eligibility for it.
If we come to know that our student is not satisfied with the online Quran tutor we have provided, we replace the teacher for you to help you understand better.
There is no way any one can learn how to read Quran on his own.Just though Allah SWT’s holy Quran is a divine book doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to learn to read Quran with tajweed or understand it can do it without the help of a genuine and competent teacher.
Having your children learn to read Quran in front of you is a great benefit of this approach. One-on-one Quran Online tutoring is available through online classes.
As a noun, the Qur’an is derived from the Arabic word qaraa Muhammad, peace be upon him, received the Quran as a revelation from Allah (God), through which he was instructed to disseminate His message of peace and guidance known as Islam.
Never attempt to learn and understand Al-Quran without the help of a qualified tutor! People can understand other human-written books. The Holy Quran, on the other hand, was written by Allah (SWT) and must be understood by a Muslim cleric.
Yes, You can have a personal teacher. In fact, our service offers One on One classes so that you can learn easily.

Hire Quran Tutor is an independent organization which aims to help everyone who has a desire to learn Quran. In addition to this, our objectives also include building moral ethics of our students and teaching them about the Islamic way of life.With innovative one on one sessions from our expert Quran teachers, you will be learning how you can become a better Muslim and make your life exactly according to the commandments of Islam .

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