Quran Recitation with Translation For Adults

Course overview

Learn Quran Online with translation with the best Quran Tutors and this well-structured Quran-learning with translation course was designed to boost your Quran Recitation with translation and Tajweed, You will develop the necessary Quran reading skills as well as Quran Memorization.

“My boys enjoy reading Quran with translation Alhamdulillah, They both love their teacher and they wait the whole day for him to be online. Sheikh Hamza knows how to deal with younger kids, he is amazing Masha’Allah. Jazakullah Khair for your efforts.” – Adam

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AGE Adults

What you will learn

  • Be able to recite Quran with translation and perfect your letter pronunciation.
  • You will be able to understand meaning of Holy Quran
  • Implement the Tajweed rules and beautify your Quran recitation.
  • You may become a good with Muslim with understanding of the Holy Quran with its translation.
  • With translation you will be learn the purpose of the Holy Quran

Course Features

Course fee


8 Classes in a Month

4 Days Classes in Week

16 Classes in a month

5 Days classes in a Week

20 Classes in Month


Learning how to read Quran with translation Quran and becoming a good Muslim and a gift from Allah, and has such a great impact on the Muslim’s life. This online Quran course will help you read Quran and translation it with confidence, learn Quran with the Tajweed rules and achieve the goal of the Quran recitation all in one Quran online course with a qualified teacher..

Comprehensive Quran Course for Adults

Do you need to learn Quan and read it confidently? Do you wish to become competent in the holy Quran? Do have the desire to read and learn Quran online with translation and a native Arabic-speaking online Quran tutor who will give you the option to become a Muslim influencer who brings about a great benefit to the Muslim community?

Online Quran Tutors

With HQ Tutor, our integrated online Quran Academy, you can achieve your goals by learning the Quran online through live Quran classes from a native Arabic-speaking teacher who can help you perfect your Quran reading skills. They will teach you the basic Arabic alphabet and take you to advanced levels of fluency.

Read Quran with translation

This comprehensive Quran learning course will cover all Quran aspects from learning how to read the Quran with translation and the Tajweed to memorizing and reciting the Quran with confidence and beauty.

Learn Online translation step by step

Through this full course alongside the help and guidance of your Quran teacher, you’ll be able to learn to recite the Quran step by step, and you will also translate Ayat and Surahs properly with Tajweed rules. You will learn the proper pronunciation and articulation of the Arabic letters (Mukh’arij ul Huruf) as well as the attributes of the letters and their correct formation of the mouth (Sifat).

Learn Tajweed Online

This inclusive course allows you to read the Quran the same way that it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), memorize Quran Hifz, and become a Hafiz and one of the most impactful leaders of the Muslim nation.

This program is divided into 10 levels, each level would take approximately 20-55 hours depending on your level, available time, and consistency. Anyone with any level can enroll in this course. If you aspire to memorize the entire Quran word-by-word, understand the contextual meaning of Ayahs, or learn the reasons for revealing the Quranic Ayat, our expert tutors will be ready to provide you with what you need to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get started in this course, click on enroll to start a Free Trial, you will be taken to see a registration form. Complete the form and submit it to us. We will send you information regarding setup and you will be able to meet our teachers through Zoom for one-to-one online classes of Quran learning. After completion of the trial class, you will need to pay the fee of that course for taking further online classes.
HQ Tutor offers you a discount on the admission of multiple students. Get connected with us to learn more about our discount policies and your eligibility for it.
If we come to know that our student is not satisfied with the online Quran tutor we have provided, we replace the teacher for you to help you understand better.
There is no way any one can learn how to read Quran on his own.Just though Allah SWT’s holy Quran is a divine book doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to learn to read Quran with tajweed or understand it can do it without the help of a genuine and competent teacher.
Having your children learn to read Quran in front of you is a great benefit of this approach. One-on-one Quran Online tutoring is available through online classes.
As a noun, the Qur’an is derived from the Arabic word qaraa Muhammad, peace be upon him, received the Quran as a revelation from Allah (God), through which he was instructed to disseminate His message of peace and guidance known as Islam.
Never attempt to learn and understand Al-Quran without the help of a qualified tutor! People can understand other human-written books. The Holy Quran, on the other hand, was written by Allah (SWT) and must be understood by a Muslim cleric.
Yes, You can have a personal teacher. In fact, our service offers One on One classes so that you can learn easily.

Hire Quran Tutor is an independent organization which aims to help everyone who has a desire to learn Quran. In addition to this, our objectives also include building moral ethics of our students and teaching them about the Islamic way of life.With innovative one on one sessions from our expert Quran teachers, you will be learning how you can become a better Muslim and make your life exactly according to the commandments of Islam .

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